TCP currently has 3 office locations covering the core European economies in the UK, France and Germany.

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TCP Head Office UK

About Corby
Corby is reinventing itself with an impressive, high-energy regeneration program.  It is situated in the North of Northamptonshire and is located an hour from London. Corby is a vibrant and growing town. It offers excellent schools, leisure facilities and boasts a newly designed Town Centre. Corby is surrounded by beautiful countryside and provides its residents with a good mix of residential accommodation.

TCP Head Office
TCP colleagues work in modern, attractive offices, equipped with the latest technology that provide the ideal working environment. Our team are ambitious, fun, dynamic and work together to rapidly expand our lighting business throughout Europe.

TCP France

About Joinville le Pont and Cité du Cinéma
Joinville-le-Pont is located in the department of Val-de-Marne just outside Paris. Crossed by the river Marne, Joinville-le-Pont is marked by the implementation of Pathé Studios in the early 20th century on the Cité du Cinéma. Well-known filmmakers have shot their movies there and this site being a beautiful place of memory and creativity is home to many companies in various sectors: video games, light design, photography, car rental, movies, and many others. TCP France chose to settle there in 2012.

A propos de Joinville le Pont et la Cité du Cinéma
Joinville-le-Pont est située dans le département du Val-de-Marne aux portes de Paris. Traversée par la Marne, Joinville-le-Pont est marquée par l’implantation des Studios Pathé au début du 20ème siècle sur le site actuel de la Cité du Cinéma. D’illustres réalisateurs y ont tourné leurs films et ce site demeure un beau lieu de mémoire et de créativité abritant de nombreuses entreprises dans divers secteurs : jeux vidéo, conception lumière, photographie, location de voiture, cinéma, et bien d’autres. TCP France a choisi de s’y établir en 2012.

TCP Germany

Oldenburg - the former residence of the Counts, Dukes and Grand Dukes - today is a major university town with more than 158,000 inhabitants. It is a regional centre between the Weser and Ems and the administrative, economic and cultural centre of the north-western Lower Saxony. In 2009 it was  nominated Germany's "City of Science".

Oldenburg regards itself as a modern city in a modern society. A city surrounded by forests and meadows, just 30 minutes from the coast. It is a beautiful place to work and live, with excellent transport links by train, motorway and only a few kilometers away from Bremen Airport. Making it an ideal location for the TCP Germany office.

Oldenburg – die ehemalige Residenz von Grafen, Herzögen und Großherzögen – ist heute eine Groß- und Universitätsstadt mit mehr als 158.000 Einwohnern. Sie ist das Zentrum zwischen Weser und Ems und der administrative, wirtschaftliche und kulturelle Mittelpunkt des nordwestlichen Niedersachsen. Und sie ist Deutschlands „Stadt der Wissenschaft 2009“.

Oldenburg versteht sich selbst als moderne Stadt, innerhalb einer modernen Gesellschaft. Eine Großstadt umgeben von Wäldern und Wiesen, nur 30 Minuten von der Küste entfernt. Ein schöner Ort zum arbeiten und leben.

Sehr gute Verkehrsanbindungen durch Bahn, Autobahnen und den nur wenige Kilometer entfernten Bremer Flughafen. Gute Gründe für die Ansiedlung der TCP Germany in Oldenburg.